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iPhone shot, Sandhill Crane, Lake Weohyakapka, Indian Lake EstatesAnhinga splashdown, Sweetwater Wetlands, Gainesville"Where's the rest of my nest?," Roseate Spoonbill, Alligator Farm, St. AugustineWhite Ibis, Ft. DeSoto ParkLaughing Gulls in perspective, Ft. DeSoto ParkMom and baby Anhingas, Tampa BayLaughing Gull, non-laughing fish, Tampa BayMom teaching colt how to fish, Sandhill Cranes, Lake Weohyakapka,Total fail on both sun angle and head angle, Snowy Egret, Alligator Farm, St. AugustineFish Crow, Osprey, Fish: Lake WeohyakapkaDancing beak to beak, Snowy Egrets, Alligator Farm, St. AugustineSeriously bad hair day, Tricolored Heron, Alligator Farm, St. AugustinePreening Great Egret, Alligator Farm, St. Augustine