Although I've been taking photos for many decades, it's still as much of a thrill as when I was a kid. Hence, "Boy with Camera."

I started taking pictures in high school and have been fascinated with photography ever since. I understand the technicalities and mechanics behind it, but to me, the result is still magic. (Maybe that’s because I can’t draw!) Although I’ve dabbled in making all sorts of photographs, my primary interest has always been nature photography, particularly “birds, bugs, and blooms.” I think my love of nature started with my mother, who was the “Nature Lady” for my sisters’ girl scout troops and was always pointing out some beautiful bird, tree, or rock on the walks and hikes our family took.

I pretty much try to capture and portray nature as I see it, without a lot of after-the-fact tampering on the computer. Nature’s pretty beautiful as-is, so I figure that my task is to find that beauty, capture it, and share it with you by showing you things you might not have noticed on your stroll through your garden or on that hike in a park.

I don't try to sell my work, but I have been pleased to receive first prize in a bird photography contest in Popular Photography magazine, and a full-page spread in Outdoor Photographer magazine. My images have also appeared in a number of local publications, galleries, and exhibitions. In August 2015, I was honored to have a one-man show of my images in the gallery at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and also had a shared exhibit there with a colleague in 2017. 

Besides making photos, I also really enjoy teaching photography. I teach at The University of Georgia-Continuing Education Center, The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, our local learning-in-retirement association, "OLLI @ UGA" as well as several other venues.