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Safari car, as used at the lodges. The tracker out in the jump seat in front moves inside the car when we're close to predators.Elephant offering you a bouquet of weeds.From the spouse: "I told you this was a lousy place to build a nest!"Baboon, maleCape Buffalo, with toothpickA family of elephants at sunset on the Chobe riverLeopard, looking for breakfast. Just like the kitty in your house, they like high vantage points.Malachite Kingfisher. He's a teensy bird, about the size of a Titmouse, plus that deadly bill.Hippo enjoying a light snack of weeds and mud.Grass. Sky. Tree: Botswana, Okavango DeltaSomebody said this pose reminded them of two sorority sisters posing for a selfie.Just a big old Nile Croc, looking pretty well-fedI've been framed.An example of Botswana's unspoiled landscape: There are thousands of square miles like this, nothing but grass, river, prey, and predators.Zebras are surprisingly skittish, but we did get close enough to this guy right at sunset so I could get this shot.Lioness, just after sunrise and just before she left to go hunting.Hippo with hitchhiker: An oxpecker bird, which eats the ticks off these guys and other wildlife.