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Vincent, with Chuck & some camera gear.Tree Hugger, with baobab.The "making of" shot for the preceding croc shot.Yes, we got close to lions. The car is essentially invisible to them, like a tree or a rock.I bought a new trail cam for the trip, to set up in campgrounds at night to see who came through. This is the one shot it got, of the hyena who crunched it up and destroyed it.Elephant, snacking.The "making of" shot for the preceding elephant photo.Spotted Hyena--They waste nothing, this is the only animal that can digest bones, horns, hooves, hides and teeth, all passing through in 24 hours.Elephants, as shot out the window of Vincent's truck.For fans of the Alexander McCall Smith detective series. Taken in the little town of Kasane, where our boat tours on the Chobe River were based.Campground's toilet & showers, what they call an "ablution facility." Note high walls and narrow steel door to keep elephants out.Inside view of ablution facility. In a quest for water, elephants destroyed the old one, so the replacement is built like a fort.Okavango vistaA pack of African Wild Dogs, on the hunt for dinner. They failed on this hunt, but they're the most successful predators on the continent, making a kill on 85% of their hunts.Vincent, making our dinner at the Savuti campgroundCampground sunrise, before setting off for our morning game driveView from the photographer's officeCampground breakfast (after the morning's game drive): Muesli, coffeeA buffalo makes a nice vantage point out on the flat savannah.